Scrap & Metal Recycling in Sydney

Tecbo Group has been dealing with metal scraping and metal recycling in Sydney for the past several years. As we collect and process ferrous and non-ferrous metal to bequeath them a new life, they can be employed by different industries to manufacture new products

All throughout our years of operation, we have been committed to quality, reliable and flexible metal scrapping solutions with international Tie-ups and a strong foothold in the industry. At Tecbo, we deal with a wide range of scrap metal solutions that are environment friendly which our clients can utilize at highly competitive prices.

Tecbo Group is broadly managing ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

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Scrap Metal Broker

As a scrap metal brokerage company, our mission is to satisfy the demand of ferrous and...

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Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Broker

Tecbo Group dedicated to the international trading of recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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Scrap Plastic

Scrap Metal Broker Sydney

The company also concurrently PET, HDPE, LDPE, MIX Bottle and other waste plastics recycling business.

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